The Complex Trauma and Dissociation Clinic

Training with CTAD

Please contact us if you would like specific training on assessment / management of complex trauma, PTSD or Dissociative Disorders. Training can be arranged for half or full-day training sessions, and would include what dissociation is, origins, everyday living with the condition, case studies and working out strategic plans for either NHS or independent organisations.


Mike has presented at international conferences in Belfast, Berlin and Copenhagen for ESTD, and at the ISST-D conference in Montreal along with First Person Plural and The Pottergate Centre. He worked alongside First Person Plural on a series of presentations from Cardiff to Glasgow of the DVD "A Logical Way of Being". 


Mike presents on the four-day Foundation training course for ESTD, helping professionals understand the background to Dissociative Disorders, the framework for treatment and the setting up of services to help work alongside people with Dissociative Identity Disorder.



Current Training Programmes include:


Assessment and Diagnosis of Dissociative Disorders


Managing Dissociation in Clinical Practice


The Impact of Developmental Trauma


Assessing Outcomes for Long-Term Therapy


Diagnosis using the Structured Clinical Interview (SCID-D)


If you would like CTAD to train staff in your organisation, please get in touch on 01829 781197, or via e-mail:

"Hi Mike,

Thank you so much for the really wonderful training on Saturday.  It felt really inspiring... It means a great deal to us to be working with our clients in the best way possible and having someone so obviously passionate about the complex work is inspiring.  I would really like to thank your courageous clients for giving so freely of their experiences as this really informs us about how to work in the best possible way with our clients.  We sort of know it but are always wondering if there is more we can do.   It is good to know that we can sometimes be enough. This is the best sort of training for us




Feedback from a full-day training provided to The Sue Lambert trust in Norwich on the Assessment and Treatment of Dissociative Disorders

Our last conference workshop was at the ESTD-UK two day conference in York, March 21-22. This workshop was done with Mike and Carol, the CTAD Clinic Expert-by-Experience, and went into their work together in the four years of therapy carried out at the clinic. It is a story of dedication, innovation and humour, and is just one of many learning opportunities at the conference. The feedback from this workshops was excellent, thank you to all that attended!


Mike and Carol also presented to a group of GPs from West Cheshire in their education forum as part of building awareness regarding the referral pathway (see 'GP Portal' for information), and for Dorset NHS Trust on diagnosing dissociation using the SCID-D.